2020 e-book cover for Exclusive Concepts.
2016 Revere Awards winner and finalist. HMH
A contemporary take on the Menotomy Indian Hunter by sculptor Cyrus E. Dallin (below). This 1911 sculpture is located in Robbins Park, between Robbins Library and Town Hall, in Arlington, MA.
Logo design, cover illustration and concept. Birds reconfigured from John James Audubon orchard orioles.
Spring cover with Skyline Park, Arlington, MA in background. Illustrated, designed and wrote headline.
“Our enrollments are up 50% over previous years’ terms for each of your catalog covers.”
~ Donna Eidson, Director, Arlington Community Education
188 page Self Help Book ISBN 9781794007024
AEP Golden Lamp Award Digipak. 3 DVDs, book and package. Scholastic, Math Solutions first edition
"Jan's work is consistently new and creative. She is patient and graceful with any back-and-forth requests, changes, and adaptations, always able to propose thoughtful alternatives. Jan thoroughly understands the foundations and principles of the design process.” 
~ Melissa L. Inglis-Elliott, Math Solutions
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